Lowell Stevens received the WSF 2019 Honorable Mention - Bighorn rifle!

Bighorn Sheep Hunting Award
Bighorn Sheep Hunting Award
Thank you for graciously sharing the honor of this award with us at Timberline Guiding!
Timberline Guiding Bighorn Sheep Hunting5

From the time I arrive till the time I leave, I feel like part of the Timberline Guiding family.

Timberline Guiding Bighorn Sheep Hunting4

the Timberline team will do everything in their power to make your hunt successful.

Bighorn Sheep Hunting Alberta Canada

This hunt completed my FNAWS, after 13 years of effort.

"I want to thank Paul and Susan Pierunek as well as their crew for a successful Bighorn Sheep hunt. I've been on 10 prior sheep hunts and their crew works as hard as any I've experienced. As an experienced horseman I can verify that their horses are good and reliable, the camps I was at are well equipped and set up (the sleeping cots are great) and the home-cooked food was well appreciated when returning late at night. The two guides I worked with, Bobby and Shilo were very competent and professional in how they conducted themselves. Their hunt area seems to contain good sheep numbers as I saw 7-9 legal rams and 17 rams total. When it came to crunch time, Paul insured he was present and provided his assistance and expertise to the guide on how to best stalk and approach the sheep to further assure the successful conclusion to the hunt. This hunt completed my FNAWS, after 13 years of effort and I greatly appreciated Paul and his crews interest in seeing me accomplish that goal. I would recommend any Bighorn Sheep hunter contact them to discuss a hunt."
Frank Grimes
Pinedale, Wyoming
Mule Deer Hunting Outfitters Alberta Canada

WOW! Hunting with the Pierunek’s and Timberline Guiding is as good as gets

My guide was amazing, the best guide I have ever had the pleasure of hunting with.

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